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Social Distancing Sports Events

Racing At A Distance

With thoughts drifting to some kind of easing of restrictions it is not unfair to start dreaming of getting into the outdoors with others.  That sense of camaraderie and joint purpose while out running the trails or smashing down some single track on a mountain bike is hard to replicate on your own.  If rules are still in place for social distancing then there are ways to still get out racing as some events lend themselves nicely to the new norms.

Winter Wipeout

Large scale running races like the Great North Run or Kielder Marathon would be very difficult places to maintain a bit of distancing  The sheer weight of numbers in one place gives a population density where interaction is inevitable.  Small races such as the Winter Wipeout can get away with keeping people apart and to this end the steps involved would need to be thought out in advance.  Registration could be almost self service with numbers laid out ready to be collected.  Or they could be posted in advance.  What about staggered starts for setting people off with an allocated start time and small queues to be set off?

The Chiller

We have a few mountain bike races like the The Chiller and Hammers 8 that are already set up to keep people distanced.  With individual pit set ups there is ample distance between your place and the next.  Clearly if you’re in a team then there is increased interaction but even that can be reduced with individual timing chips.

This of course is all theoretical and the ideal situation would be to get the country back on track and have events like they used to be.  Will they ever be the same again though?

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