Cold Brew Events | 2017 Kielder Chiller 24 Mug
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2017 Kielder Chiller 24 Mug


Original and best.  2017 Kielder Chiller 24 mugs.

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The original Kielder Chiller 24 event mug.  That crazy weekend when we took a leap of faith and put on a 24 hour mountain bike race in the inhospitable climate of the England/Scotland borderlands.  The year when the snow got stuck in every crevasse and people were found crying in the corner to hide away from the pain of doing another lap.  Brake pads were known to have been evaporated in a single lap.  Great days!  We only have a few of these left but they will mean a lot to the people who attended the original mad 24 hour Chiller.