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England Athetics

England Athletics Update

We’re all bursting to get out and hit those trails with some quality running but this damned ‘rona is keeping us all apart.  Like jilted lovers the longing is there but the reality means the distance stays.  We all want to know just when we can get out and make the magic happen.  Events are moving at a pace and although social distancing is very much still on everyone’s mind the is no escaping the fact that the easing of restrictions is in place.

Trail Running

Most of the smaller organisations such as Fell Running Association and Trail Running Association are backed up by England Athletics which is the main governing body in the country. When this all broke out it didn’t take long for England Athletics to push the button and stop all events until 30th June.  This date still stands and we await to see what happens after that date as it’s only really a month away.  Here is the updated coronavirus statement from England Athletics in full.

As per our update below dated 15 May, current guidance from England Athletics is following the government’s guidelines as they are rolled out. It is a very fluid situation and we can confirm that our previously stated deadline of 31 May as the deadline for the suspension of all athletics activity in England is now no longer valid. However, the only permitted activity is stated under our latest guidance update (for a restricted return to training). This will remain the case until we are able to update the guidance further based on any new announcements from UK government. As soon as the situation changes, we will of course confirm this across all our communication channels. The separate suspension of competitions activity, currently to 30 June 2020, remains in place. Please see below for our guidance documents for athletes and runners, coaches and leaders and athletic venues.

Large scale events such as the Great North Run must be scratching their heads wondering just what to do.  Although an event of that size probably uses third party insurance they still have the whole issue of the virus to deal with.  Like many people with events from September onwards the worst case scenario would be to plan to go ahead, commit to a boat load of costs and then a second spike occurs that postpones the event.  Fingers crossed though that we’re through all this craziness by then.

For our own events we’re really hoping that the Cheviot Goat is sufficiently far away to put some real faith in it going ahead.  This is fast becoming a reputable event and a real flag bearer for the region.  In 2021 we have the Trail Runner Series consisting of Winter Wipeout, Duergar Run, Hell in the Woods and Cragside.  Even if we’re all feeling a bit down about current times then have no fear, we’re going to come back stronger than ever!

Trail Running

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