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Pilgrims Ultra Trail Run – 18th Sept 2021

The Chiller 24 Hr MTB – 16th October 2021

Hell in the Woods Trail Run – 6th March 2022

Hammers 8 – 21st November 2021

MONTANE® Cheviot Goat Ultra Run – 4th Dec 2021

Descendant Enduro – 23rd October 2021

The Duergar Nightcrawler Trail Run – 19th Feb 2022

NDH Chopwell Funduro – 7th March 2021

NDH Hamsterley TT – 11th April 2021

Cragside TrailRunner – 13th June 2021

Tyne Trail Ultra Run – 15th May 2021

MOD Rocker Cycle Sportive – 17th April 2021

Deadwater 100 MTB Marathon – 7th Aug 2021

Winter Wipeout Trail Run – 9th Jan 2022

TrailRunner Series

Northumberlandia TrailRunner

Our aim is to create and promote inspirational events, admired for their quality, their meaningful connections and partnerships, and also for the positive impact on the community, where passion and purpose come together.

From family trail running festivals through to one of the UK’s most gruelling ultra runs, we design our own events to ensure we are able to offer challenges for all ages and abilities.


  • Northern Downhill Merger

    We are delighted to announce that Northern Downhill has merged with Cold Brew Events. This places all the gravity based events ran by Carl Davison alongside the cross country races already held by Cold Brew. These will now all be under the Cold Brew banner......

  • The Coal Line Solo Ultra

    The Coal Line Solo Ultra – OPENS 01/01/21

    Today we open a new kind of race. One that adapts to the restrictions we find ourselves in and is open to just 50 people and to north east locals only. Just before the new year the north east was put into Tier 4 restrictions......

  • Chiller 24

    Race To The End: 2018 Chiller

    Today we wind it back to the Chiller 24 race of 2018. This was a year infamous for its horrific weather which consisted of 12 hours of torrential rain that seeped into every corner possible. The quote inside the marque that came above the loud......

  • Cold Brew Events

    Ride It Out

    It’s safe to say that we are bursting at the seams to be able to put on events again. It’s been a devastating time for our industry which has been effectively shut down since March. Event companies are prime candidates to be slipping through the......