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Pilgrims Ultra Trail Run – 24th Sept 2022

Chiller 24

The Chiller 24 Hr MTB – 15th October 2022

Hell in the Woods Trail Run – 6th March 2022

Hammers 8

Hammers 8 – 20th November 2022

MONTANE® Cheviot Goat Ultra Run – 19th March 2022

Descendant Enduro – 7-9th October 2022

The Duergar Nightcrawler Trail Run – 19th Feb 2022

NDH Chopwell Funduro – 7th March 2021

NDH Hamsterley TT – 11th April 2021

Eastgate 8

Eastgate 8 – 17th Sept 2022

Tyne Trail Ultra Run – May 2023

The Rocker Cycle Sportive – 23rd April 2022

Deadwater 100

Deadwater 100 MTB Marathon – 13th Aug 2022

Winter Wipeout Trail Run – 9th Jan 2022

TrailRunner Series

Our aim is to create and promote inspirational events, admired for their quality, their meaningful connections and partnerships, and also for the positive impact on the community, where passion and purpose come together.

From family trail running festivals through to one of the UK’s most gruelling ultra runs, we design our own events to ensure we are able to offer challenges for all ages and abilities.


  • d100 route

    Deadwater 100 Route – DON’T ASK!

    It’s a great day now that the Deadwater 100 is up and running for entries. We were due to open it much earlier but then a whopper storm called Arwen came through and literally blew the plans to pieces. If anyone asks “what’s the route?”......

  • Eastgate 8

    Eastgate 8 Returns

    It’s with much delight that we bring back the 8 hour xc mountain bike race in the Weardale valley. The Eastgate 8 was held once before when the Hammers 8 planned at Hamserley Forest had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. It turned out......

  • Chopwell

    Stormy Times

    We get to within a week of the first gravity mtb event of the year and the winds pick up again ad get it cancelled. Damn it! Carl and his team had ben working hard on clearing the remaining damage following Storm Arwen and everything......

  • Winter Wipeout 2022

    Wiped Out!

    We can’t tell you how much joy it brought us to bring you the 2022 Winter Wipeout.  Yes everyone knows the pandemic has hit events businesses hard but then there has also been natural disasters like storms to deal with.  Losing the Cheviot Goat at......