Cold Brew Events | MONTANE® Cheviot Goat
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Cold Brew Events in partnership with MONTANE® bring you a true challenge. This 55 mile winter ultra run will test all your abilities as both your mind and body are placed under stress in this unforgiving environment. Supported by our event team you will traverse a loop of the largest hills in the border region. This is a time when most livestock are brought off the tops and only the hardy feral Cheviot goat is left to fend for itself.

This route, the majority of which is inaccessible to vehicles, will take you out into one of the last wild places in England where the population count per square mile is the lowest to be had. High up in the fells you’ll need to battle your inner self as you cross peat-covered hills, descend grassy banks and chug along the mighty border ridge with Scotland on one side and England on the other.

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Next Race: 19th March 2022