Cold Brew Events | Pilgrims’ Ultra
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Follow in the footsteps of Saints and Kings along the stunning route of St Oswald’s Way, taking in some of Northumberland’s finest scenery with a 50k100k or a 100 mile challenge. The starting point of this epic run is the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the birthplace of Christianity in England and a place of pilgrimage since 635AD.

Following mile after mile of sandy beaches, with ancient castles as a backdrop, the route heads south to Craster (finish for 50km), then on to Rothbury (finish for 100km), before eventually arriving at Heaven Field (finish for 100 mile). As you travel along the trails through Northumberland, which is often described as the ‘Land of the far horizons’, you will be immersed in the wild beauty of this ancient land.

Next Race: 24th Sept 2022