Cold Brew Events | New Trail Runner Series!
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Trail Runner Series

New Trail Runner Series!

In these strange tines of sitting at home and staring at walls it is hard to project our minds in to the future and imagine getting out on to the trails.  There are faint glimmers of hope that a reduction of isolation measures may be on the horizon.  With this in mind we’re already in the hills in our minds eye.  Rhythmically crossing the high fells of Northumberland and ticking off the miles.


With this buzz of optimism we have set out a long standing goal; to have a trail running series that string together 4 of our events that have been staged over the years.  This is called the Trail Runner Series and gives peoples a points system to aim for with prizes at the end of the year at a special presentation.  It goes under the strapline of FIND YOU MIND with FIND standing for Fire, Ice, Night and Day.  Each one of the races takes on one of these properties,

The events involved are:

  • Jan 17th – Winter Wipeout!  Our typically cold weather start to the year that takes in the summit of Hedgehope and back.  Famously it goes ahead whatever the weather and even has the added bonus of cleaning peoples trainers at the end.
  • 27th Feb – Duergar Run.  A cracking night run around the Simonside hills near Rothbury whilst trying to avoid the mythical monsters of the land.
  • 7th Mar – Hell in the Woods.  Many of you will remember the stunning trails of the Thrunton Thriller.  After a year off in 2020 it comes back with a vengeance to really get your body working.
  • 13th Jun – Cragside Trail Runner.  The finale comes at the stunningly beautiful estate of Cragside.  Convoluted trails twist, turn and slither through these rather special grounds.

Cragside Trail Runner

There are a wide spread of points and categories for everyone to aim for.  There are also bonus points of offer for those people who manage to stick it out and do all 4 races.  For more info please see here.

Anyone committing to all 4 races next year will get the final race for a tenner.

Duergar Run

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