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Northern Downhill Merger

We are delighted to announce that Northern Downhill has merged with Cold Brew Events. This places all the gravity based events ran by Carl Davison alongside the cross country races already held by Cold Brew. These will now all be under the Cold Brew banner with Carl joining the team.

Carl has been involved in staging gravity based events for 11 years and is actually one of the inspirations behind the formation of High Fell Events in 2015. I had a static caravan up at Clennell Hall and he used to organise some events using crazy tracks in Kidland forest. Some of those very same tracks now form part of the Naughty Northumbrian. One day I decided to pop along on my bike and have a go on his main trail from behind Kidlandlee. Little did I know that it was one of the toughest trails about and after going over the bars 3 times I thought it best to walk the steep bits after that! Lesson learned.

Carl Davison

Carl showed that events could be held in this remote part of the world and the seed was planted for an event more to my liking. The Clennell Colossus came about and that was the first event ever held by High Fell Events.

Over the years High Fell Events changed to Cold Brew Events and both ourselves and NDH refined and changed our events over the years. Mountain biking in general is always changing. Cold Brew has a range of endurance based events such as Deadwater 100, The Chiller and Hammers 8. NDH has a number of excellent TT’s, time trials, enduros and downhill events that are spread across places such as Hamsterley, Ae, Kielder and Chopwell. The combination of all these events means Cold Brew can now offer something for all mtb tastes.

Carl talks about the merger:

“I worked with Cold Brew for The Descendant 3 stage enduro in 2019. It has one of the longest and toughest stages in England and this didn’t phase the Cold Brew lot a bit. You can tell they look at the smaller details to deliver a great event and focus on what the participants really want. I’ve always spent a lot of my time building superb trails for rider enjoyment and this will continue. This merger is a win for all riders out there.”

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding further NDH information to the website so you’ll get a clear picture of future events. Although 2020 has denied us our mtb fix, we’re all hoping that the green light will be given for events to get back under way soon. Keep those fingers crossed.

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