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Places Of Our Mind

That rush of wind on your face. The sound of rain as it starts to pitter patter against your waterproof top. A glimpse of a sunbeam cutting through the sky as you gaze at another beautiful sunrise from on high. With the onset of enforced isolation, those of us who are outdoor orientated are beginning to realise just how much the natural environment feeds our soul. The escapism and sense of belonging in an open space where lives tensions can be released like the steam from a boiling kettle.

Northumberland is blessed with wild places.  Of course there are bigger and more dramatic landscapes out there that we’ve all been to.  Our backyard has its own character of spacious fells, large forests and wide open spaces.  The moniker of Land of the Far Horizons his really quite apt when you’re gazing out from the summit of Shillhope Law, Windy Gyle or Hedgehope.  Walking long that border ridge with Scotland dropping away to one side and England to the other; no place to hide as the wind whips across and tries to penetrate your layers.

The events industry, like many others, has been hit hard by the current crisis. It not so much turned off the taps as ripped them out completely and threw them away. We failed to realise just how much joy it brought us to enable others to test themselves in the outdoors. The act of physical communion, a prayer at the alter of endurance by participants who lust for nothing more than a sense of being and solidarity with others. Fingers crossed that within a few months we’ll all be back out there on the trails.

Betwixt now and then we’re all set for catching fleeting tastes of solitary workouts. Whether you get out on a bike or slip out for a run it’s a realisation at how important this is to our well being. It pales into insignificance against a pandemic but it forms a little cornerstone of our world to maintain well being. Make sure you keep that body ticking over and know that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll get out together and smash those trails.

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