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goat strava

Strava Goat Madness!

A few runners out there really brightened up our day by accepting the challenge of running in a squiggly manor to produce some kind of outline of a goat.  Keep in mind that people have to deal with roads, fences, gates etc then you really have to appreciate how difficult it is to make a picture of the emblem of the Cheviot Goat.  Hats off to the runners!  Here are the attempts:

Helen Clark

A bit of mad genius going on here with a mix of urban and recreational areas.

Helen Clark

Haydn Ford

This is proper west end of Newcastle stuff and would have taken a lot of thought and probably fuelled by a lot of coffee, to come up with it.

Gearoid Murphy

Moving into the more artistic end of the spectrum look at the sweeping lines and fine form from Gearoid here.

Andrew Higgins

If we’re going all artistic then Andrew went full scale Picasso and knocked out this fantastic replica of the logo.  I just hope someone from the public was watching and thinking “what on Earth is he doing?”

Andrew Higgins

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