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Strava Week

Once again the weather has been pretty fantastic which has afforded us all the chance to get out and get some efforts in.  Let’s have a look at the movers and shakers in our two Strava clubs.  If you’re not in the clubs then get yourself in – links are below.


You can join the Cold Brew Events Cycling club here.

Once again it’s the dominating figure of Elaine Scott who continues to blast out big miles and big climbs north of the border. 625km and 8171 metres and pretty hefty numbers by anyone’s standards. John Watson is another top 3 regular and it’s good to see Steve Richards slipping into to third place, especially good given that he does a lot of his miles on a full suss mountain bike.

Longest ride is John Watson again on Zwift. All this indoor milarky means not having to battle against the weather or fix punctures in the middle of nowhere! Hmmm, maybe I should give it a go!

Duncan Spencer and Richard Wilson have clearly been hitting the local hills and they have risen to near the top end of the climbing charts. Richard would have fully retired and been riding more frequently but he has bought too many bikes and needs to pay for them.

We all watched the government announcement yesterday and hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to racing. We have increasing optimism that the Hammers 8 and Chiller in October will get the green light. This needs the Forestry to open its gates once again and insurers to start covering events once more. When that green light is given it’s going to be one hell of a fight!


You can join the Strava Cold Brew Events Running club here.

Some good efforts being put in and it seems that regular stints are winning the day. Rob Brooks knocked out 128km with Cheviot Goat regular John Harrison only 1km behind. Both runners are putting solid foundations in place for future efforts.

Clare Mckitterick spent the most time on our feet with 15 hours and shows that she has the staying power for any endurance event that comes back on the cards.

In terms of ascent Rob Brooks has shown that his table topping distance has not been done on the flat with 1950 metres of ascent. That’ll get him up and down Hedgehope at the Winter Wipeout no bother! Cheery Nicholas Gilbert slipped in to second with 1873m as he scaled the slopes near him around Hexham to good effect. Ian Hutchinson came in third with 1390m.

Some top efforts put in place there as people made good use of time to build up fitness. Our focus on the running front is towards our 2021 events. All runs in the 2021 Trail Runner Series are now open for entry.

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