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Strava Week

Last week looked like a busy one with people dismissing the brief rain showers and still getting out for rides.  I definitely knocked a few rides on the head because of predicted rain only to see that it never materialised and the chance was gone.  Such is the fickle nature of the British climate.

Cold Brew Events Strava

Once again Elaine Scott just beasted everyone on the distance front with a shopping 635km. This is made even more impressive as it’s all on road, no turbo trainers here.  If you look at Elaine’s individual rides then you’ll notice QOMs being gathered here, there and everywhere.  The hills around Hawick are going to have pot holes just from her riding alone.

elaine scott

Biggest ride went to Martin Graham and his son Xander who banged out over 200km on Zwift.  To give you an idea of acheivement, I don’t think Xander is even a teenager yet.

David Gobby

Most notable stint that I spotted was by David Gobby (pictured above with Amy Hickman) who went out and put the power down around Jedburgh. This resulted in grabbing a high number of KOMs and top 10 times for segments.  It looks like he’s moving it up another notch by losing some weight and using lockdown to hone those impressive power levels. I reckon he would have been one to watch at Hammers 8 and could maybe give Nigel Smith something to think about at The Chiller.

Two other riders that have caught the eye are Marcus Aurelio Ignacio and Andrea Pogson. Now Marcus lives in Brazil so he’s got a distinct advantage over us Brits not to mention a much better sun tan. Andrea, podium regular at Cold Brew Events races is just banging out the miles in the Borders with husband Graham.

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