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The Duergar’s Revenge

2020 was a snow filled night for the Duergar Nightcrawler runners as storm Jorge came blowing in and causing chaos to the region. This meant that the route had to be altered to avoid the possibility of high winds bringing trees down and ruining someones night. It also meant that the Duergars, those mythical creatures that crawl round Simonside looking for fresh victims, had to stay underground and out of sight. They thirsted for blood and were denied. They want their revenge.

Duergar Run

The foreshortened route reduced the distance to just shy of 9 miles so to give the night crawling monsters the best chance of snaring a victim the course will be extended with plenty of elevation thrown in to boot. This way any potential victim can be dragged into a lair with minimal effort left for resistance. They are not so silly these creatures.

Duergar Run

There are plenty of trails that can be utilised which will take runners all the way down to the main Simonside car park area before tracking back up. We quite liked the reversal of the ridge as it kept traffic off the road. The long line of bobbing lights was a good reminder that people are not left alone out in the darkness. When viewed from afar it really looks quite spectacular.

Expect a route change in 2021. The Duergar’s demand it. They want their pound of flesh. They want revenge.

27th Feb 2021.  Facebook Duergar Run page can be found here.

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