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Deadwater 100

8TH SEPT 2024

1. MTB Marathon British Champs 100km

2. 100 mile race (none champs)

3. 100km sportive (none champs)




Incorporating the MTB Marathon British Champs the Deadwater 100 returns for another quad busting epic. Notorious for breaking bikes and breaking wills this was a stunning test of machine and body in the wilderness of the Northumbrian borderlands. The route in 2024 will be a smaller loop with plenty to keep people engaged on the way round.  The route promises to be fun whilst the distance turns it into a huge challenge.


There are 4 races to choose from:


1. 100km Female MTB Marathon British Champs

2. 100km Male MTB Marathon British Champs

3. 100 mile race

4. 100km sportive


The British Champs races have entry requirements whereas the 100 mile race and sportive are open to all.

Next Race: 8th Sept 2024
Deadwater 100
British Cycling



8th Sept 2024





Kielder Campsite, Kielder, Northumberland, NE48 1EJ.


What are the distances?


The British Championships for both males and females will be 100km. That is 3 laps of a gruelling course.


In addition to the British Champs there are two rides which anyone can enter. There is a 100km sportive (3 laps) and a 100 mile race (5 laps). Very few riders finish the 100 mile race and we expect it to be the same this year. Hats off to anyone who gets it done.


Marshals will be positioned all along the race route for the safety of the riders. There will be two feed stations to top up your water and get some nibbles. You need to carry everything you normally would for such a long distance ride.



How much?


100km British Championship: £60


100km sportive: £50


100 mile race: £60


Entry includes an safety team, marshalled and sign posted route, comms cover, feed/water stations, lots of prize categories for the race, buckets full of climbing.


Event Schedule



15:00-21:00 – Registration open at Kielder Campsite



05:00 – Car parks open and registration opens at Kielder Campsite

07:30 – Registration closes

7:45 – Call for Women’s Champs to assemble

08:00 – Start of Women’s Champs

08:05 – Call for Men’s Champs to assemble

08:15 – Start of Men’s Champs/ 100 mile non champs race/ 100km Sportive – Champs riders to be gridded first





There are a number of Forestry England car parks near to the castle with ample amounts of space. Remember to pay and display as vehicles do get checked by FE staff. If you are staying on Kielder campsite then you’re already parked and a stones throw away from the castle.


The main car park (car park 1) to be used is right next to the campsite and can be seen below:



Car park 1 is next to the campsite and car park 2 is a short walk away.




We have reserved all the spots on Kielder campsite for the use of the event.  The event will be hosted on the campsite.  You are able to book onto the campsite directly and we will make the link available as soon as possible.  You are able to book electric hookups and camping pods for some extra luxury and the number of days you stay is entirely up to you.


Only people with bookings on the campsite can stay or park there.  Everyone else must use the nearby car parks or make alternative arrangements.


Campervans and motorhomes are welcome to stay in Forestry car parks for a fee.  It was £10 a night when I last checked and you must be self contained.


No Generators


One campsite rule to be aware of is no generators. For a variety of reasons (chemical leaks, noise) this rule is strictly enforced by the campsite all year round. Please do not bring a generator. We will have a building available to all those people who do not have electric hookups where they can recharge kit if needed. Try to remember to bring as many battery packs as you possibly can to keep yourself going.




You have use of the campsite facilities. There is fresh water available, hot showers, clean toilets and bins for rubbish.  There are also public toilets nearby at Kielder Castle.




Registration will take place at Kielder Campsite which can be easily found from the main road or anywhere in the Kielder area. Postcode NE44 1EJ




Below is the previous championship course for reference.  2024 will see us in the long process of checking what is and isn’t available to see what adjustments are needed.  The final route will be released 2 weeks before the event.



The route for 2024 will be similar to 2022 in that it will be based around laps on the northern tracks above Kielder.  This keeps us away from the public in and around Kielder castle and the reservoir which can be busy at this time of year.

We’ve about to spend weeks and weeks of our spare timing hunting down over-grown roads, fall lines, grassy hills, cutting out flat trails and more. The end result is something very tough and it’ll be quite a test even for the fittest of riders.


The 2022 route can be found on All Trails here:–54?u=m




Feed Station (2022 shown below – will be updated)


There are two main feed stations on the course:


Feed station 1: Start/finish area. We will provide plenty of water for top ups. This is the place for you to place your own drop bags full of your own food and kit for the race. We will give you a race tag with your number on at registration and you are welcome to use your own bag or one we provide. This bag can contain food, kit, colthes, spares, glasses etc. Basically your one stop shop to help you do another lap.

Feed station 2: 12.5km. NY 630 947. W3W windmills.sleeps.flirts. Number 5 on the map.  Strategically placed at a point of the course which we think is roughly equal in effort on an entire lap. The ride leading up to this point will be tough with lots of climbs. The route following this point a bit faster. There will be water and food at the point. You are welcome to have a helper come to this feed station and dish out your own food/drink if needed and it’s s relatively short walk from the campsite – please see the green dotted route in the parking image above. No vehicles in the forest please.


Forest Access


Absolutely no vehicles other than those involved with organising the event are allowed into the forest.


Public Vehicles


There are a few sections on this course where riders can come into contact with members of the public in their vehicles.  These are farmers that live in the forest, workers, lodge visitors or people using the Forest Drive to cross to Byrness.  Please be on the look out for vehicles and remember they are under no obligation to give way so please be considerate.  The areas are shown below highlighted in red.


D100 vehicle



We will record finish times and will make the results available after the event on the website. Timing will be done via a chip which will be placed within the race number or a strip on the side of your helmet. Please ensure your race number is visible after you cross the finish line. If you drop out of the event at any time after you have registered and collected your number, then you must go to the nearest checkpoint/marshal or Registration and let them know you are dropping out. Everyone needs to sign out whether you finished or not.





There will be cut-offs in place for the 100km sportive and the 100 mile race.  You will need to start your final lap by 16:00.


Transition Area


Upon completing a lap there is a clear transition area where you can leave your own food and equipment. This is accessible by riders and their help only. This is mentioned in feed station info above. Technical fixes can be done in this area.


Notes for British Championship


Commissaires: TBC


If you wish to take part in the British Champs races then there are a few requirements you must adhere to.  Failure to meet the requirements will result in you being taken from the race on the day and put into one of the rides on Sunday.


Please note that to enter and ride the 2022 National Marathon Championships, you will need to hold British Cycling membership and a full racing licence.


As this race is the National Championships, it is registered on the UCI calander and will carry UCI points.  The UCI recognise it as one race for Men and one for Women over the age of 19.  They do not split the results out into further age categories.


However, domestically we do, and subject to their being sufficient entries in each category, we will recognise the following on the post race podium:


Senior Men (19+) Race: White jersey for winner. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals for overall race.

Veteran Men (40-49) Race:  Blue jersey for winner. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals for top three.

Grand Vet Men (50+) Race:  Blue jersey for winner. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals for top three.


Senior Women (19+) Race:  White jersey for winner. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals for overall race.

Veteran Women (40-49) Race:  Blue jersey for winner. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals for top three.

Grand Vet Women (50+) Race:  Blue jersey for winner. Gold, Silver & Bronze medals for top three.

*5 or more entries in a Masters category will mean full allocation of 3 medals and a winners jersey.  4 entries would give 2 medals and a winners jersey.  3 entries gives 1 medal and a jersey.


Entries for the championships will close one week before the event.  No late entries.  No entries on the day.


100 Mile Race Categories


Those of you who take on the mighty 100 mile race have a few categories of your own to go for.


Overall Male 1/2/3

Overall Female 1/2/3

MV40 1st

FV40 1st

MV50 1st

FV50 1st

SS 1st

Fat 1st


Mandatory Kit


If you’ve entered one of these rides then you probably know what you’re doing.


Here is a list of kit you MUST have:


  • Enough fluid for 1 hour of riding
  • Helmet
  • Fully working bike


Here are some other suggested items:


  • Basic first aid kit.
  • Emergency whistle
  • Waterproof/Windproof jacket/gillet (can be one jacket)
  • Emergency survival bag
  • Mobile phone. It will only work when high up but it can be a vital lifeline in an emergency.




This race is cross country based but you’re welcome to do it on any rig you feel suitable. It must be in good working order and the race director reserves the right to withdraw anyone if they feel the bike is not safe or suitable.


My personal choice (Barry) is that you’ll get a lot of benefit from a hardtail in the climbs and won’t lose much on the descents. However, lock-outs are so good these days the difference will be minimal compared to a short travel full suss bike.


Dropping Out During The Race


You can drop out any time you like. Please present yourself to a marshal and we will make plans to bring you back in if you can’t do so under your own power.  Please register that you are finishing and you are more than welcome to hang around and watch or get yourself away home.




We will gave a medical team on site. If this team treat you then they need to fill out some paperwork so please allow them to do so. We strongly recommend that you follow their advice if it is given. If a rider is prone on the course then diversions may be put into place, the race may be paused or the race may be abandoned. The medical team may ask you to wear a face mask while close for treatment.


More good news!


It’s really, really going to hurt.



2022 – British Champs:


2022 – 100 km Sportive & 100 Mile Race:


2021 –