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Chiller 24

24 Hour MTB Race

15th Oct 2022

Solo, pairs, quads


1100 to 1600FT PER LAP, 7 to 8 MILE LOOP


The Chiller 24 is a true test of man and machine as people race for 24 hours around these beautiful and remote northern trails. Viewed by many as one of the best 24 hour courses about and held on a campsite with access to excellent facilities. Set in a popular trail centre the rugged environment lends itself well to endurance racing. You’ll need to have that steely edge to carry on through to the morning and survive the witching hour without breaking. Do it solo or ride in a team of 2 or 4. Whichever way you choose to do it just make sure you have fun whilst smashing out those miles. For 2022 we’ve had to increase the price (as little as possible) to cope with a big hike in Forestry England fees.

Enter solo or do it in a team as a pair or quad.  The whole event takes place on a campsite and everyone gets a spot.  There are a few optional extras such as glamping pods and electric hookup which can be ordered on entry.  The trails are a mix of red and black graded and Kielder is well known for have very resilient tracks that can stand up to all kinds of weather.  Come and have a go and see why this 24 is one of the best on the circuit.

Next Event: 15th October 2022

Event Info



15th October and 16th October 2022.




Kielder Campsite, Kielder, Northumberland, NE48 1EJ.


What3Words: tinted.dislikes.foot


What is the distance?


Each lap is around 7.8 miles long and you need to complete as many as you can in a 24 hour period. The course and the amount of climbing can change depending on harvesting, closures, weather etc so don’t get a set figure in your mind but it’s roughly 7 miles to 8 miles.


How much?


The big change for 2022 is that we have to slightly increase prices due to bike hike in fees from Forestry England. We’ve tried to make this impact the event as little as possible.


Entries open 1st Feb 2022.


Solo £80 + £10 fees = £90
Pairs £150 + £20 fees = £170 per team / £75 + £10 fees = £85 per rider
Quads £270 + £40 fees = £310 per team / £67.50 + £10 fees = £77.50 per rider


For this every single rider gets on the campsite, receives and event mug, chip timing, full safety cover, professional comms cover, showers, bins, music and a massive range of prizes to go for.


There are a number of optional extras available.


Refunds and Deferrals


You have 14 days from the date of purchase where you can get a full refund. Following that we are very clear upon sign up – no refunds or deferrals. You are welcome to sell your place, switch riders etc. You can edit your own entry up until a week prior to the event.


Optional Extras


We repeat, every single entry gets on to the campsite. Every single standard entry gets you on the campsite for 2 nights (Fri and Sat) and you are ready to go.


There are also a few optional extras you can buy when entering:


Hard standing electric hookup: £60 for up to 2 nights. 26 of these are available. Includes space for awning/gazeebo etc. We do not recommend bringing a caravan unless you have booked a hookup.


Glamping pods: £90 for up to 2 nights and have electrical sockets. 3 of these are available.


Static caravan: £100 for 2 nights and can fit 6 people. 1 of these available.


You can stay an for the Sunday night but you will need to sort this out with the campsite directly as they have bookings from the public to fit in also.


Electric Hookup List


A list of those people who have booked electric hookup spots will be placed here in the week before the event.


Glamping Pod List


A list of people who have booked glamping pods will be placed here a week prior to the event.


Static Caravan


The people who booked the caravan will be placed here.


Chiller Jerseys


A list of people have booked Chiller 24 event jerseys will be placed here a week before the event.


Event Schedule


Info pack: Sent out 1 week prior.

Campsite opens 4pm Friday.

Registration times: 6pm til 9pm Friday night and 8am til 10am on Saturday morning.

Race start: 11am Saturday.

Race finishes 11am Sunday. No laps count after this.

Presentation midday Sunday assuming the race started on time.

You can stay on site til Monday morning if you want a rest before travelling home – this can be arranged with the campsite directly.


No Generators


One campsite rule to be aware of is no generators. For a variety of reasons (chemical leaks, noise) this rule is strictly enforced by the campsite all year round. Please do not bring a generator. We will have a building available to all those people who do not have electric hookups where they can recharge kit if needed. Try to remember to bring as many battery packs as you possibly can to keep yourself going.




Every team person gets on to the campsite. There is a restriction of one vehicle per team. There is an additional car park adjacent to the campsite for extra vehicles. If you are entered at a pair or quad then we’d suggest that you meet up in a car park to get sorted before bringing your single team vehicle on to the campsite. Once the first vehicle from any team is on site, all other vehicles from the same team will be turned around.


Below is an image showing the locations of the campsite and the nearby car parking locations.


Stay Off The Grass


Kielder can be a damp place in October and the grass becomes sodden and easily chewed up. This further highlights the year-round rule to keep all vehicles off the grass. You can put easy ups, awnings etc on grass but absolutely no vehicles as the place will just get chewed up.




As you can see from the map above we are situated incredibly close to the village of Kielder. Noise will need to be kept to a minimum from 11pm Sat night until 8am Sunday morning.




You have use of the campsite facilities. There is fresh water available, hot showers, clean toilets and bins for rubbish.



Arrival at the Campsite


The location of the campsite is given at the top of the page. Entry will be managed by the campsite staff and our own staff. There will be a list of all teams. Sorry to repeat ourselves but ONE VEHICLE PER TEAM on the campsite so we can ensure we have enough space for all concerned. You can arrive Friday night after 4pm or Saturday morning from 8am.


Those who have booked a hard standing place will be taken to their spot as these will be allocated. Same for glamping pods. Everyone else will be given a spot somewhere on the site. This is all managed by the site stewards so all you need to do is report to reception on arrival.


If you are arriving in a group, be it a team or friends, if you want to be together then get organised before you come on to the site. We’ll ignore people trying to reserve places for friends as we will need to use every available spot on the site.


Once all people are on site the gate to the campsite will be closed from around 10:30am. No vehicles will be allowed on or off the campsite during the race.




Registration will take place in the marquee at Kielder campsite. We will have registration available from 6pm until 9pm on Friday and then 8am til 10am on Saturday. Here you will receive an event memento, number, timing chip and a Chiller jersey for those who ordered one.




This is a 7.8 mile lap around a mix of red and black graded trails. They are well maintained and designed to stand up to any kind of weather. With 1600 feet of climbing per lap you might want to think how you’ll last the distance when you’ve got 24 hours to cope with. Fairly exposed in places. Nothing too technical to deal with.


A map of the 2021 route with a gpx download can be found here. The route can be subject to change depending on what’s happening at the time. You do not need to have a gps device to do this race as the course will be well marked. The 2022 event will be based on what options are available nearer the time and this section will be updated.


Cut Offs


No cut offs in place for this race. Take as long as you like completing your laps. The only reason we’ll pull you out is on medical grounds and a full medical team will be on hand for assessment and treatment. Please note the race will finish 11am Sunday morning – any laps completed after this time will not count.




We will have electronic timing making sure everything is taken in to account and your glory ride is accurate. A timing chip will be issued at registration. Every person on site has their own individual timing chip so you can track lap times. For teams there will be a baton to be passed on between riders.

A live timing link will be made available for people to follow once it has been published.




Teams need to ensure that two riders are not out on the course at the same time. Transition from one rider to another can be done within your own pit area when two riders are side by side. We have timing maps in and out of the lap so any anomalies will be checked. Any teams caught starting a new rider before the last rider is at the side will be disqualified.


Race categories


There are a number of different categories up for grabs:

Solo (1st, 2nd, 3rd, V40, V50, V60 Male/Female, 1st SS, 1st Fat)/ M/F Fastest single solo lap

Pairs (1st 2nd 3rd Team Male/Female/Mixed)

Quads (1st 2nd 3rd Team Male/Female/Mixed)

Special prizes: Ben Forsyth Cup (Male Quads), MacLennan Cup (Fastest Male Solo Lap)


Mandatory Kit


If you’ve entered a 24 hour race then you probably know what you’re doing.

Here is a list of kit you MUST have:


  • Enough fluid for 1 hour of riding
  • Helmet
  • Bike lights and means of powering them through the night. These MUST be on during hours of darkness.


Here are some other suggested items:


  • Basic first aid kit.
  • Emergency whistle
  • Waterproof/Windproof jacket/gillet (can be one jacket)
  • Emergency survival bag
  • Mobile phone. It will only work when high up but it can be a vital lifeline in an emergency.




Every rider must complete laps in darkness with appropriate lights. Any rider found on course in darkness without using lights will be stopped and taken back to the campsite to given a fair chance to get sorted. If they go out again without lights then it will result in a disqualification.



This race is cross country based but you’re welcome to do it on any rig you feel suitable. It must be in good working order and the race director reserves the right to withdraw anyone if they feel the bike is not safe or suitable.


Our suggestions would be a short travel full suspension or hard tail mountain bike. People have tried the course on a gravel bike in the past but generally only do a single lap.


Dropping Out During The Race


You can drop out any time you like. Don’t be too hasty to hand back in your timing chip if it’s the middle of the night. Sleep a few hours and see how you feel then. If you do feel it’s final then enjoy the spectating as you’ll be on the site until the race is finished.





We will gave a medical team on site. If this team treat you then they need to fill out some paperwork so please allow them to do so. We strongly recommend that you follow their advice if it is given. If a rider is prone on the course then diversions may be put into place, the race may be paused or the race may be abandoned. The medical team may ask you to wear a face mask while close for treatment.




This is an outdoor event but please help with the reduction in transmission rates by keeping socially distanced where possible. There is no requirement to wear a facemask at this event.




There is a lovely catering van at Kielder castle that sells a range of food. This is just a short walk away from the campsite. It will be open til around 8:30pm on the Friday night and then reopen around 8am on Saturday morning and Sunday morning. High calorie food will keep you motoring.


More good news!


Nearby there is a bike shop, pub and cafe.