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Cheviot Orbital

Cheviot Orbital 2 Day Ride

The Cheviot Orbital is a route created by the irrepressible Ted Liddle. He's been at the forefront of cycling development in the north east for decades and has pioneered and maintained many of the routes we take for granted today. Having met him many times...

osprey 12

Osprey 12 – Swimming Through The Trails

Sat 8th June 2019, 4am and the alarm reverberates through the van to draw a tired mind out of it's slumber. Awakening senses steadily become aware of the rain thrumming away on the roof and lashing against the windows. Oh joy. Weather like this can...

Frontier XC Series

Frontier XC Series After Round 2

With both the Kielder Chiller 24 and the Lewis Burn 8 races now out of the way it's time to check the leader-boards to see where people stand.  These will be long lists so please scroll down to the section you want. FEMALE  "ANY" CATEGORY (points...